Dramatically improve customer relationships without any of the heavy lifting.

Why Local Businesses Need?

Text, email, and phone reminders are by far the quickest way to reduce no-shows and connect with your customers effortlessly.

Fill Cancellations Fast

Last minute cancellations not only hurt your revenue, but it doesn’t allow a customer to see you that would’ve. With our Fill Fast feature, you can add customers/clients to a waitlist that want to be seen ASAP. Once you have a cancellation you can automatically send a message to the waitlist group to quickly fill your open appointments.

Reduce No-Shows

Most customers fail to show simply because they forget! With our automated appointment reminder feature, you can send reminders out per your customers preference (text, phone, or email). They can even confirm, cancel, or reschedule from every contact method!

ROI Driver

What’s a missed appointment really cost you? With our ROI drive, you will know the total revenue generated by successful appointments. Knowing your numbers allows you to constantly improve.

Recurring Messages

Want to constantly stay in contact with customers? Maybe remind them of a monthly massage, or their quarterly oil change, or their rent is due? With our recurring feature, you can schedule the recurring date, and let our system send our automated text/email/and phone reminders!

Broadcaster - Quickly Reach All your Customers

Have a special offer/coupon/ special message you want to get out quickly to ALL our customers? No problem. With our broadcast feature, you can easily send a personalized message to all your contacts at the push of a button.

2-Way Communication

Easily respond to customers directly from your platform or have notifications sent to your phone. With our 2-way communication feature, you can deepen customer relationships because they will appreciate the fact they can speak with a real person!

Custom Messaging

Do you provide different services at your business and you want to personalize the messaging? No problem. We can structure specific messaging for each service so you can truly customize the experience for your customers.

Birthday Messages

Nothing says ‘we care’ like sending a personal message on your customers birthday. Our system is able to automatically send a personalized message (with a coupon if you wish) to your customers on their special day. Birthday messages are the perfect way to deepen customer relationships!

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